1 in 4 People Risk Their Health By Working Without Taking a Break


1 in 4 people work without taking a break.

One in four people are risking their health by working through the day without a break, according to a new survey.  Heavy workloads mean that a third also say that they take no lunch, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) found.


America’s 10 Most Endangered Rivers Of 2009



Levee break, Sacramento-San Joaquin River in California. Image credit:American Rivers/Aquafornia blog.

From outdated flood control schemes to harmful dams and mining projects, our nation’s rivers and clean water are at risk. Today, we released America’s Most Endangered Rivers: 2009 edition, spotlighting ten rivers in need of urgent action. Learn more and take action to help the rivers at AmericanRivers.org See summary descriptions the 10 most endangered rivers after jump…

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Sarah’s Smash Shack – Relieve Stress By Breaking Things

Sarah’s Smash Shack - Relieve Stress By Breaking Things 

 Sarah’s Smash Shack

If you are human, you have probably at some point been so frustrated you felt the need to break something to relieve the tension. Sarah’s Smash Shack , in San Diego, California, provides a service to consumers that allows them to salvage their personal possessions, and break someone else’s.

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