Are reported high rates of childlessness a myth?

Reported high rates of childlessness fail to take into account fertility treatments, adoptions and the simple delay of childbirth.

Recent reports of the rise of childlessness are premature. As with fertility dynamics generally, the phenomenon has many parts. The reports may prove true in the long term, or they may not—but it’s too soon to tell.



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‘Breast Whisperer’ Helps New Moms


The Breast Whisperer Freda Rosenfeld

 A writer, Amy Brill, who lives in Windsor Terrace, survived nine months and six days of pregnancy, then 40 hours of labor. But after a few days of nursing, she was in excruciating pain, crying every time her baby latched on. Ms. Brill’s pediatrician wrote out a phone number as if it were a prescription. “Call this woman,” he said. “She’s seen every new mom in Brooklyn.”


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