How your car could be a star witness against you in court


Information collected by a car block box intended to help improve federal safety standards, but increasingly it is being used in court cases.

If you are in a serious car accident and are unfortunate enough to land in court afterwards, the the star witness against you may not be an eyewitness or even a human being, it could be your car.



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Microbiology puzzle solved by online video gamers


Model of a protein as seen in Foldit

In an experiment called CASP9, scientists were struggling to map the structure of M-PMV, a protein involved in a virus that causes a form of simian Aids. In that experiment and others, the search had been going on for more than a decade. But the solution was not found by a laboratory but the players of an online puzzle game.


Babies can learn to concentrate by playing brain-training games

brain training computer games

Improved focus helps children to learn skills and acquire language, and the brain is at its most adaptable early in life.

Scientists say they have found the first evidence that infants as young as 11 months can be taught to focus attention, making it easier for them to learn new skills.


Study: Energy efficiency of computers doubling every 18 months


Computers are getting more efficient every day.

Those of us fighting the battle with computer batteries will appreciate this. Batteries have come a long way since the 1990s. For instance, if a MacBook Air were as efficient today as a 1991 computer, the battery would last for 2.5 seconds. In other words, it would be dead by the time you got to the end of this sentence. The Atlantic has the story. And it’s bound to fan the flames of the PC v. Mac wars.

Flames also would refer to how quickly some PC batteries seem to burn out, compared to their Mac counterparts. I know, PCs are getting better. Don’t get me wrong. But Macs have lead the battery longevity pack for some time…

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British scientists develop computer memory made of glass


The glass memory has been compared to the ‘memory crystals’ used in the Superman films.

Soon computers may be saving their data onto hard drives made of glass following research by British scientists who have developed a way of storing information similar to the “memory crystals” seen in the Superman films.


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SuperBetter – online game promotes self-improvement

Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal

Game designer Jane McGonigal, came up with the idea for “SuperBetter”, after she got a concussion. In interviews with Jane, she has described how she struggled to retrieve her focus until she decided to treat her recovery like a game: setting a series of progressive challenges, levels of achievement, with small prizes along the way. Users will be able to pick from a list of challenges—quit smoking, lose weight, recover from heartbreak—and try to accomplish them. Friends or family who have also signed up can act like Toad in the classic game “Super Mario Brothers 3”, and nudge you along.


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World’s first 3D chocolate printer


3D chocolate printer

The world’s first 3D chocolate printer has just been unveiled in the U.K., . A 3D printer creates objects by gradually stacking layers of material into a desired shape.  That is also how the chocolate version operates. It is also known as additive manufacturing in which the process has mostly been used for plastic and metal production but is not quite as tasty. (Video)


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Google adds speech recognition to its search engine


Speech recognition searches may take time for web users to get used to.

Asking a computer out loud for information is seen as a futurist idea right out of science fiction.  But Google is trying to change that.  They are adding speech recognition to its search engine which will release technology that will allow any browser, website, or app to use the feature.


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