Job ad looking for “lively and good-looking women” as condom testers pulled

A condom manufacturer was looking to hire “lively and good-looking women” aged 18 to 25 to work as condom testers.

In China a website has removed a job advertisement seeking women as condom testers in Shanghai after some people said it was a guise for prostitution.

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Anti-Rape Condom Could Help Protect Victims

Rape is not a pretty topic, but it is massive global problem.
A new “anti-rape” condom could protect women in dangerous areas from being attacked. The device is a female condom filled with sharp, microscopic barbs that will attach themselves to flesh. The theory is that while the attacker is stunned and doubled-over with pain, the woman will have a chance to flee the scene before the rapist has a chance to do further damage to her. Once it latches on to the skin, the condom can only be removed surgically, which will mean that attackers will have to go to the hospital and risk getting caught…

Washington DC Bans Anyone From Carrying More Than One Condom

condom crazy 658
Oh no! I have way too many condoms. Can you help me get rid of some?
In Washington DC, anyone carrying more than one condom on their person in any area police have declared a “prostitution free zone” is considered to be a prostitute. That’s right, kids, if you’re packing a spare in case one breaks, you are a hooker. Best idea might be to wear a condom at all times…

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Molecular Condom Could Protect Women From HIV


Polymer gel being developed that could block HIV

A polymer gel that blocks viral particles could one day provide a way for women to protect themselves against HIV infection. The gel reacts with semen to form a tight mesh that blocks the movement of virus particles. The material, which is still in early development, could eventually be combined with antiviral gels currently in clinical trials to provide a dual defense against HIV.


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Condom Lubricant Cures Acne


Love Me Tender, Love Me Sweet

A condom lubricant designed for sex workers and gay men has become a popular acne cure among female Cambodians, women in the capital have said.

Number One Plus, a water-based lubricant produced by health organization Population Services International (PSI), is an excellent cure for acne, 29-year-old vendor Tep Kemyoeurn told news agencies.

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Teen Abortion Rate Shocks the British

Teen Abortion Rate Shocks the British


Abortion rates in the UK have skyrocketed

Pressure to make sex education compulsory in UK schools is likely to mount as latest abortion figures hovered around the 200,000 mark, with a 10 per cent rise in terminations among under-aged girls.

The official survey showed there were 198,500 abortions last year, up by nearly 30,000 in the decade since Labor came to power. In 1969, the first full year after abortion was legalized, the total was under 50,000.

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