Coolant smugglers reap large profits

The Marcone company of St. Louis was implicated in a coolant smuggling scheme.

A trusted senior vice president of a century-old company from America’s heartland had been caught on a wiretap buying half a million dollars in smuggled merchandise, much of it from China.  And now the chief executive of the company was on the witness stand trying to explain how the senior vice president did it.



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Brain-Cooling Motorcycle Helmet Could Save Thousands of Lives

helmet brain cooler 4132
The brain cooling helmet.

An extraordinary new ‘brain-cooling’ motorcycle helmet could save thousands of lives each year.

Called the ThermaHelm, the incredible piece of equipment comes with an inbuilt device that acts like an instant ice pack after a sudden impact.

By cooling the brain it is thought the carbon fibre helmet can reduce the risk of long-term brain damage and save lives.

New Design Makes Nuclear Reactors Cheaper and Faster To Build

New Design Makes Nuclear Reactors Cheaper and Faster To Build

A 4.5-meter-wide, 23-meter-long nuclear reactor designed to fit on a railcar for shipping to the site of a power plant. 

A new type of nuclear reactor that is designed to be manufactured in a factory rather than built at a power plant could cut construction times for nuclear power plants almost in half and make them cheaper to build. That, in turn, could make it possible for more utilities to build nuclear power plants, especially those in poor countries. The design comes from Babcock and Wilcox, a company based in Lynchburg, VA, that has made nuclear reactors for the United States Navy ships for about 50 years.

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Portable Nuclear Power In Your Backyard

Portable Nuclear Power In Your Backyard

A radically different mindset than the “nuclear is too dangerous for anybody” of the 1980s

Nuclear reactors don’t produce ‘bombs’ alone. Fast forward to the year 2013 and you can have an endless power supply by just installing a portable nuclear power unit in your backyard. Before eyebrows are raised about the security aspect, we must tell you that only “highly enriched” Uranium fuel is something you need to worry about. This nuclear reactor concept would make use of Uranium Hydride, which doesn’t invite sanctions, is super-safe and renewable, and generates waste only the size of a watermelon (if used for 10 years). Hyperion’s home nuclear reactor concept promises a lot – most of which is centered on providing people with an alternate source of energy that doesn’t exhaust itself.

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