Inventing the Rocking Chair Tree


Futurist Thomas Frey:  On Tuesday evening we had a packed audience at the DaVinci Institute to discuss the future of micro farming. Admittedly, we weren’t terribly well organized and the range of topics we touched on were far more than most of us could reasonably consider in a single setting. But for those who took part in the discussion groups, some amazing ideas came to light.


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Triton 1000, Very Expensive Private Submarine

Triton 1000, Very Expensive Private Submarine 

 Triton 1000

It is always great to own a yacht and have those parties by the deck. However, after a while, the yachts just get, well, monotonous and you need something more exciting. That is when U.S Submarines comes to your rescue. They have developed a sub for 2 people. Called the Triton 1000, it is lightweight, and can function as an additional feature to your existing yacht.  Continue reading… “Triton 1000, Very Expensive Private Submarine”