The life of the nation’s first marijuana critic

jake brown

Marijuana critic, Jake Brown

Seated in a yellow chair, Jake Browne was carefully rotating a marijuana bud between his fingers. “I’m looking for bugs, mildew, things I wouldn’t want to ingest,” he said, leaning forward to hold the nickel-size flower up to the light. He paused, then took a sip of water from a cup with a Miley Cyrus hologram down its side. “This looks clean,” he concluded.

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Pigeons As Art Critics


The top 10 images are those that were seen as “good” pictures, while the bottom 10 were the “bad” pictures.

Pigeons could be art critics yet, according to a new study which shows that like humans, pigeons can be trained to tell the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ paintings. According to Professor Shigeru Watanabe from Keio University in Japan, pigeons use both color and pattern cues to judge the paintings’ beauty as defined by humans, as well as their texture.


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