Surgeons transplant ‘dead’ hearts into patients for the first time ever

heart pump

A specialized fluid and pump has been developed that provide the heart with oxygen, reducing damage and preserving the tissue.

Two Australian patients have had hearts successfully transplanted that had been dead for over 20 minutes thanks to a new method of preservation. The ability to save hearts that have stopped beating will drastically widen the amount of organs available, possibly suiting the needs of 30% of those on the transplant wait list. The research was a joint effort between Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, with Professor Bob Graham leading the team.


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How to Deal with Death Online the Right Way

online death etiquette

What are the best ways to deal with a deceased love one online?

Your friends and family are going to die. Probably later, but maybe sooner. That much is certain. Another certainty is that, when it happens, we’ll all still be using some form of social media. Here’s how to grieve digitally, with dignity.

As much as Facebook is the sprawling, glowing, inexorable way we connect with each other these days—around the clock—death just doesn’t really belong there. Facebook is designed specifically to make you feel proud about yourself. Timeline is a monument to your joys and achievements, no matter how superficial and beer-soaked they may have been. It’s a place toshare your glee—share it all over everyone’s faces, whether they like it or not…

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Belgian Undertakers Plan To Dissolve Dead And Flush Them Into Sewage System

grave stones 3421

Now You See Them, Soon You Won’t
The controversial new method is said to be less expensive and more environmentally friendly than running highly polluting crematoria or using up valuable land for graves. The departed would go into the sewage systems of towns and cities and then be recycled in water processing plants.

The proposals are being studied by the EU and if approved, it would mean the procedure could be used across Europe. However, opponents of the plans say it smacks of a Frankenstein callousness towards the dead and one survey in Belgium found many people found the idea “disturbing.”

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Artificial Reef Will Allow Deceased To Sleep With The Fishes

Concrete-balls reef
Behold The Concrete Bereavement Balls
A new take on the old mafia euphemism about sleeping with the fishes is planned off the Dorset coast, where the ashes of the sea-loving departed will soon be encased in concrete balls to nuzzle with the lobsters in an artificial offshore reef. The proposal, given planning permission by the county council this week and approved by the Crown Estate, which owns the seabed, will see a kilometre-square area off Ringstead Bay near Portland given over to a series of reefs which will include at least one decommissioned navy ship, possibly HMS Southampton, the type 42 destroyer laid off last year, for divers to explore.

German Police To Use ‘Sniffer’ Vultures



Polly find a carcass?
German police are planning to use vultures to locate dead bodies that sniffer dogs can’t reach.

They will attach global positioning system tracking devices to birds and get them to find the corpses of people who have disappeared in remote areas.

Policeman Rainer Herrmann said: “It was a colleague of mine who got the idea from watching a nature programme…

Extinked Art

extincted ink art 132
The Ultimate Holding Company, a British arts collective, offered tattoos of 100 endangered species to people who are committed to preserving them as a project they call Extinked. One hundred volunteers were chosen out of several hundred who applied to receive a tattoo. Those who made it through had written about why they deserved to be a “lifelong ambassador” for their species.

Joe Richardson, founding member of the collective, is confident that the social experiment will rouse people to action. He was surprised to see how personal the tattoos were to the volunteers, who touchingly described their relationship to their chosen species in their applications.

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Using 3D Technology To Make Personalized Urns

Personal Urns 862

Having “John’s head” on the mantel for all times seems a bit creepy

You just never know sometimes where technology will make an importance in someone’s life or just be an oddity. For instance, we present to you the Personal Urns from Cremation Solutions. This is not that typical wooden box or metal urn that you would dump your loved ones’ ashes into – instead Personal Urns with the help of good photographs and 3D technology is now offering to make an urn shaped like the head of the deceased.

Personal urns are a new and unusual way to memorialize your loved one.

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Woman Roused by Leaking Corpse


Beauty can be found in death… but not in this story


A Modesto woman had to move out of her apartment when something horrible happened to her neighbour. Her upstairs neighbour died and no one knew for days… until she experienced it firsthand.

“It’s been a total nightmare,” says Sylvia Pena, Modesto resident. “I was sleeping on the couch… I was awakened by some drops that hit my face… I thought I was drooling,” explained Sylvia. It wasn’t drool or water dripping from her ceiling…

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