A new shirt can help deaf people feel music


Tech-infused fashion isn’t just about looking good—it can have some groundbreaking uses too, as a company called CuteCircuit is proving.

The London-based tech-fashion firm, which has recently provided Katy Perry with (literally) flashy outfits, has just successfully tested a shirt that can help deaf people feel the music they cannot hear.

The Sound Shirt is an adaptation of a CuteCircuit concept called the Hug Shirt, of which the company has produced around 100 prototypes over the last decade. A German orchestra, the Jungen Symphoniker Hamburg, commissioned then bought this latest version.

The Sound Shirt is connected to a computer system that picks up the audio from microphones placed at various points around the orchestra’s stage. It is filled with actuators, which are little motors that vibrate in relation to the intensity of the music being played, in real time.

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The World’s Loudest Bike Horn Is More Deafening Than a 747 Taking Off

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Get out of the way!

A UK insurance company has found the perfect way for pedestrians and drivers to resent cyclists even more. It’s created the Hornster bicycle which features a triumvirate of horns on the handle bars capable of blasting out a deafening 178 decibel honk…

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Deafness Can Lead to Marital Breakdown


Inability to hear properly can lead to arguments.

Deafness can lead to heated arguments between couples and even marital breakdown, according to a survey about the social consequences of hearing loss published today.  The hard-of-hearing partner often feels upset that their spouse does not understand what it is like to suffer from the condition, the poll found.


EyeHear – Displays Spoken Word as Text on Glasses for the Hearing Impaired



Designer Kaitlyn Fox has developed a microphone and mini-computer embedded device, which is clipped onto a pair of glasses to record peoples’ speech and then convert the same into text for the deaf and the hearing impaired to read.  (Pics and videos)


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Medical Breakthrough as Scientists Create Tiny Ear Hairs From Stem Cells to Cure Deafness


Scientists perfected turning stem cells into the delicate hairs found in the inner ear.

A cure for deafness could be on the horizon after scientists created specialised ear cells in the lab. Grown in their thousands, the delicate hairs could one day be transplanted into the inner ear, restoring hearing to millions.


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Sounzzzz Concept For The Hearing Impaired

sounzzz 1234234

Many people think that the hearing impaired would have lost a large part of being human, that is, being unable to experience the joy of music. Well, have you ever attended a deaf church’s worship service? Those involve drums that lets the congregation literally feel the beat of the song, and the Sounzzz concept is a visual, audio, tactile MP3 player that can not only work for the hearing impaired but is universal enough for everyone to have a go. Sound will be translated into a range of vibrations, where you will need to hug the device in order to feel the music.



Cochlear Implants Technology Getting Smaller, Faster, Smarter


Serena Rush, 6, who got cochlear implants about 4 years ago and now has about 70% hearing.

Six-year-old Serena Rush loves to belt out It’s a Hard Knock Life, her favorite tune from the musical Annie, and someday she hopes to be a stage actress, when she’s not being a lifeguard. Which is pretty splendid considering she was diagnosed as deaf when she was 1. “I am very smart,” says the ballet-dancing, iPod-jamming, theatergoing, soon-to-be second-grader from Silver Spring, Md.


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‘911’ Via Text Message Launched In Iowa County


People are constantly incriminating themselves with poorly timed or damaging text messages, but one Iowa county is finally allowing people to get themselves out of trouble with their texting thumbs. According to the AP, the emergency call center located in the county jail in Waterloo, Iowa is the first in the nation to accept texts directed to 911. The responders can even reply to the emergency messages via computer.

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Humans Can Develop Echolocation Used By Dolphins And Bats


In a new research, scientists have shown that human beings can develop echolocation, the system of acoustic signals used by dolphins and bats to explore their surroundings.  The research was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Alcala de Henares (UAH) in Spain.

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Lip Reading Software Can Figure Out What Language You’re Speaking

Lip-Reading Software Can Figure Out What Language You’re Speaking

Lip reading 

Some scientists at the University of East Anglia in England, with aims only for the betterment of humanity, we’re sure, have developed lip-reading software that can not only pick up words based on mouth shapes, but can even figure out what language you’re speaking — always a handy thing when understanding speech, we’ve found.

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Portable Sign Language Translator

Portable Sign Language Translator 

 Krown Sign Language Translator

The Sign Language Translator by Krown does just what its name implies: it takes the words you feed into it and, on its modestly sized touchscreen, plays a video of the proper hand sign. If you type in “happy,” for instance (or one of 3,500 other words), a video – acted out by a decidedly somber, almost creepy older man – plays and in a matter of seconds just about anyone could effectively communicate with the deaf or anyone who relies on sign language.

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