More Americans Are Deciding to be Buried with Their Pets

pet cemetary

Headstones above a pet and her master sit side-by-side at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Hartsdale, N.Y.

Rhona Levy has her burial planned out. She will be cremated, her ashes will be divided into two bright red urns and she will be taken to the cemetery.  Then, half of her will go into a plot with Snow, Putchke and Pumpkin, and the other half will go in nearby with Shaina and Twinkie.


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Artificial Reef Will Allow Deceased To Sleep With The Fishes

Concrete-balls reef
Behold The Concrete Bereavement Balls
A new take on the old mafia euphemism about sleeping with the fishes is planned off the Dorset coast, where the ashes of the sea-loving departed will soon be encased in concrete balls to nuzzle with the lobsters in an artificial offshore reef. The proposal, given planning permission by the county council this week and approved by the Crown Estate, which owns the seabed, will see a kilometre-square area off Ringstead Bay near Portland given over to a series of reefs which will include at least one decommissioned navy ship, possibly HMS Southampton, the type 42 destroyer laid off last year, for divers to explore.

Using 3D Technology To Make Personalized Urns

Personal Urns 862

Having “John’s head” on the mantel for all times seems a bit creepy

You just never know sometimes where technology will make an importance in someone’s life or just be an oddity. For instance, we present to you the Personal Urns from Cremation Solutions. This is not that typical wooden box or metal urn that you would dump your loved ones’ ashes into – instead Personal Urns with the help of good photographs and 3D technology is now offering to make an urn shaped like the head of the deceased.

Personal urns are a new and unusual way to memorialize your loved one.

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Cosmetics For The Dead Make The Late Look Great


Looking Great For Your Final Date

It’s never too late to look great… so says Kotoko Sato, a trained make-up artist who has applied her talents to making the dead look alive. Sato has teamed up with Japanese cosmetics firm Falf Inc. to market Delfino (Italian for “dolphin”), a line of beauty products specially designed for the needs of the dead.

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