Amazon sold over 4 million Kindles in December, and E-Book sales are up 175 percent


The Kindle Fire is a holiday record breaker.

Amazon sent out a press release titled, “2011 is the Best Holiday Ever for Kindle” and looking at the numbers, it seems like a justified statement.

The company reports that there were over a million Kindle devices sold each week, with the Kindle Fire as the hottest item, the Kindle Touch following it up, and the plain old Kindle bringing up the rear…

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Ownership of e-readers doubles in six months


Ownership of e-readers is exploding.

E-reader ownership is exploding, according to a survey by Pew Internet Research. Ownership of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook has grown from 6% to 12% of U.S. adults over the last six months. E-readers are more popular than tablets devices such as the iPad or various Android slates like the Samsung Galaxy Tab which are owned by 8% of U.S. adults.


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e-Books Could Lead to a “Reading Divide”


“If reading becomes dependent on technology that must be purchased, then I think we may see the literacy divide persist and even widen.”

The rapid rise of e-books could lead to a “reading divide” as those unable to afford the new technology are left behind, even as U.S. reading and writing skills decline still further.


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Are e-Readers Allowing Libraries to Thrive?

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Printed books are slowing becoming a thing of the past.

In an ironic twist, as books are slowly become a legacy artifact of the past, and  brick and mortar libraries were predicted to soon follow suit, there is a test program in a few New England towns that is stocking their library shelves with e-Readers. If you can’t afford your own device – this might be a viable alternative.

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