Japanese spandex manufacturer makes elastic electric and USB cables


Asahi Kasei Fibers, a Japanese company which manufactures spandex and other textiles, has applied its knowledge of stretchable materials to make stretchable elastic power and USB cables.


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Bionic Hands With Gel-filled Fingertips Give Greater Sensitivity

Bionic Hands May Help Person “Feel” Objects 

 Bionic Hand With Gel-filled Fingertips

If things go well, prostheses may soon help a person “feel” too. Bionic hands with gelled fingertips may be the answer to provide the wearer with a sense of touch and sensitivity. This may even help them instinctively hold objects, because humans have a built-in reflex that responds to vibrations. The top part of the bionic hands are now going to consist of a rubber skin filled with thick silicon gel. If an object should slip, the elastic skin transmits the vibrations through the gel to acoustic sensors, which provide instant feedback, and the motors can tighten their grip. Also, the finger’s bone is covered with electrodes, which change the electric conduction according to the pressure that helps the user to feel.

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