Hyundai’s four-legged car isn’t the future we imagined, but we’ll take it


It’s clear at this point that the future of the automotive world revolves around bleeding edge technology that’s self-driving or, perhaps, even flying. But what if it’s none of those things? What if it’s a car that walks on four legs?

Hyundai puzzled CES audiences the world over at this year’s event with a concept that focused on exactly this. It’s on-trend, with an electric power plant. But unlike the Tesla’s of the world, Hyundai’s “Elevate” concept ditches the wheels in favor of four legs capable of navigating nearly any type of terrain.

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Living Wall Systems

Living Wall Systems

Example of a BioWall 

We’ve all seen them in action (sort of), so now it is time to check them out on a new level and get at least a cursory look at the different off-the-shelf options out there for living walls. A few select companies are offering systems that are available to North American buyers and beyond. Here’s a summary of what I have found to date…  (Pics)

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Driverless Elevated Railway System

Driverless Elevated Railway System


Students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have designed a concept for an elevated and automated railway system that intends to do away with the congestions on roads. The ambition public transport system foreseeing driverless compartments zipping over the city streets could be a transportation mode of the future, if the project gets the required funding to be build into a working prototype anytime soon.

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