Countdown to the Big Event – The DaVinci Inventor Showcase on November 5th

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Deadline for Exhibiting at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase is Friday, Oct 28th

It all starts with an epiphany. Every invention begins with a single “eureka moment” or some “brilliant revelation” that causes the inventor to take action.

These epiphanies become the idea seeds planted by inventors around the world. But we can only wish the process was as simple as adding water and fertilizer and waiting for the ideas to spring to life.

Inventions are not just patents to be hung on a wall. They are the starting point for a new business enterprise. So, not only does the inventor have to figure out how to create a working product or device, they also have to drive it forward, creating a business model that will enable it to survive. And that’s where the DaVinci Institute comes in.

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Economic Crisis Is A Driver Of Innovation

Economic Crisis Is A Driver Of Innovation 

Frenchman Dimitri Gauer poses with his invention, the ‘crustacean peeler’

Crisis is the mother of invention, if one believes the bright sparks behind the gizmos, contraptions, novelties and potions at the international inventions exhibition in the Swiss city of Geneva.

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