Future Robot’s Furo is an intelligent and interactive robot

Future Robot’s Furo at CES 2014

One of the many robots featured at CES 2014 is Future Robot’s FURo-S that is a service robot with a simulated human face for a head. Carrying a screen, the robot is designed with advertising or shopping in mind, and reacts to people through its facial, gesture and voice recognition all with an emoting face.



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Facial Recognition Door Locks

Capture phone security 3241
Is this a  face only a door lock could love?
Security technology has been really moving forward lately for both home and commercial use. A prime example of this is the Face Recognition Door lock. While this is designed more for the commercial market, it could be adapted to home use fairly easily.The enticingly named Model CVJB-G107 is designed for use as an employee timeclock, and bases its facial recognition off of a 2D photograph…

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Life as a Human Meat Puppet


A face driven by music – Video 3

This video was created by sound artist, Daito Manabe, front man to the Face Visualizer designed by Masaki Teruoka and built by Katsuhiko Harada. No, the music is not controlled by facial contortions. Rather, Daito-san’s face is twisted to the music via electrical-pulse stimulation — 10 channels in total, 8 to control his facial expressions, 2 to keep the music and face in sync. More videos after the jump.

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Full Facial Transplant Is One Step Closer

 Full Facial Transplant Is One Step Closer

The bear-attack patient after the successful transplant

A Chinese medical team led by Shuzhong Guo of the Fourth Military Medical University in Xi’an has successfully completed the first transplant to include facial bone in a transplant on a man whose face was slashed by a bear. The Chinese graft included muscles, nerves, blood vessels, cartilage and skin and included an intact salivary gland, another first. Two years after the procedure, the man can eat, drink and speak, thanks to the gradual fusing of transplanted nerves and muscles with what remained of the patient’s own.

This transplant together with the another ground breaking transplant last year by French doctors that removed a huge tumor that had completely infiltrated and disfigured their patient’s face, now sets the stage for a full facial transplant.

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Software that Ranks Facial Attractiveness

Software that Ranks Facial Attractiveness

An Israeli team of computer scientists has developed software that ranks facial attractiveness of women. Instead of identifying basic facial characteristics, this software has been designed to make aesthetic judgments — after training. The lead researcher said this program ‘constitutes a substantial advance in the development of artificial intelligence.’

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