Researchers Set New Record for Data Transfer Using a Single Laser: 26 Terabytes-per-second

The technology could make its way into commercial use and be integrated into silicon chips.

Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany haven’t hit 100Tbps yet, but they were able push 26Tbps using just one, lonely laser. The new single-laser fiber-optic speed record was set using a technique called fast Fourier transform that pulses light at an incredibly high rate with data encoded in 325 distinct colors across the spectrum. Can the age of the terabyter be far off?

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Endoscopic Camera as Small as a Grain of Salt


Low-cost disposable endoscopic camera that is the size of a coarse grain of salt.

Tiny video cameras mounted on the end of long thin fiber optic cables, commonly known as endoscopes, have proven invaluable to doctors and researchers wishing to peer inside the human body. Endoscopes can be rather pricey, however, and like anything else that gets put inside peoples’ bodies, need to be sanitized after each use. A newly-developed type of endoscope is claimed to address those drawbacks by being so inexpensive to produce that it can be thrown away after each use. Not only that, but it also features what is likely the world’s smallest complete video camera, which is just one cubic millimeter in size.


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