You don’t even need waves to ride this electric hydrofoil surfboard


One of the biggest trends in surfing over the past few years has been the adoption of hydrofoil surfboards by some of the sports biggest names. Adding a hydrofoil to the bottom of the board creates lift and more speed, turning even ordinary waves into something that is a lot more fun and interesting to ride. But a new surfboard could eliminate the need for waves altogether, thanks to an onboard electric motor that generates all the thrust riders need.

The Fliteboard looks a lot like other hydrofoil surfboards already on the market, with one important distinction. Attached to the bottom of the foil is a small propeller that is engaged when riders fire up the built-in electric motor. When turned on, the Fliteboard is capable of reaching speeds of nearly 25 mph, while the removable battery pack — dubbed the “Flite Cell” — can give the board a range of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. The engineers who designed the Fliteboard say that the battery is so powerful that it can actually keep the board moving for as much as an hour, depending on water conditions and the weight of the surfer.

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