Injectable foam stops internal bleeding on the battlefield

The polyurethane foam begins as two liquids stored separately and injected together into the abdominal cavity.

Despite the best efforts of military first responders to stabilize abdominal wounds sustained on the battlefield, they have few options when it comes to stopping internal bleeding caused by gunshots or explosive fragments.  DARPA is studying a new type of injectable foam that molds to organs and slows hemorrhaging. This could provide field medics with a way to buy more time for soldiers en route to medical treatment facilities.



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California To Be First U.S. State to Ban Styrofoam Containers


 Styrofoam takes forever to biodegrade, it clogs up waterways, and wildlife mistake it for food and ingest it.

The state Senate in California just voted to ban the sale of Styrofoam containers.  Restaurants and shops would be banned from distributing food in foam containers.  Californian’s takeout and sodas will have to be sold in more sustainable, or ideally, reusable containers. Some 50 municipalities in the state have already enacted such bans. If the measure passes the state Assembly, it will make California the first in the nation to ban styrofoam.

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