Floating Golf Course Planned For The Maldives

Who gets to be the person selling golf balls?
It already has artificial islands, scuba-diving Cabinet ministers and a back-up plan to relocate its entire population if it is swamped by rising seas. Now the Maldives has another scheme to deal with its watery future: floating golf.

The island nation has signed a deal with a Dutch company to investigate building the world’s first permanent floating golf course, along with a convention centre and residential rooms, on a platform on the Indian Ocean.

The project could be a pioneer for floating villages and towns, Mahmood Razee, the Minister for Civil Aviation, Communication and Privatisation, said. “If it is successful we will try to work with them to see if they could develop housing facilities as well,” he said. “We need this because of climate change and because of a lack of land because of island erosion.

Paragolfer Machine Lets Paralyzed People Golf


[Skip the intro to mark 1:00 for the good stuff!]


Being paralyzed shouldn’t stop someone from engaging in a sport lovingly described by Mark Twain as “a good walk, ruined,” thanks to the Paragolfer machine by Parabasetec.

Check out the paragolfer in action (yes, it’s a promo video, but it’s amazing nonetheless)…

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True Motion Golf And Tennis


Now you can see how bad your swing really is face to face or at least a computer image of yourself looking back at you

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has officially announced details on the publishers’ first titles set to support Wii MotionPlus functionality, with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Grand Slam Tennis the first of a number of EA games set to make use of Nintendo’s new mo-control tech. Continue reading… “True Motion Golf And Tennis”


Golf Ball Technology May Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage

Golf Ball Technology May Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage 


I get really skeptical whenever I hear about some gizmo that supposedly saves lots of gas, but this dimpled car wrap kind of makes sense. Long ago, golf ball manufacturers discovered that a dimpled surface would help a ball to fly farther through the air with less drag, so why not apply the same thinking to cars? The dimples reduce the wake turbulence caused by early separation of the boundary layer, and while my high school physics is pretty rusty these days, it certainly sounds plausible.

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Cut Weeds While Playing Golf


Hack Your Way To The Eighteenth With This Crazy Invention

#US 6988954, also known as the Weed Cutting Golf Club, is one clever, handy-dandy and very silly thing. Two-foot high grass better watch out, as it will no longer be an adversary to a good view and a good shot. With this special golf club, you can hack your way to a shot that is clear. (This patent may well have a dark but very significant appeal to lovers of horror movies, particularly those involving instruments that hack and maim.)

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Golf Club That Uses Nitrogen-Charged Technology

Golf Club That Uses Nitrogen-Charged Technology 

Air Force One Golf Club 

It takes a golf swing speed of 110 mph to correctly compress the face of a golf club to maximize the smash factor (energy transfer from the swing to the ball). The fact is most golfers swing much slower and therefore aren’t getting the maximum distance. That’s where PowerBilt’s Air Force One driver comes in.

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