Modern-Day Witchcraft: This Hair Dye Changes Color

Last year, Lauren Bowker was halfway through a nostalgic re-watching of the cult ’90s teen film The Craft when the idea struck. More specifically, it was during the “glamor spells” scene, when Robin Tunney’s character goes from brunette to platinum blond just by combing her fingers through her hair. “It was in that moment that the penny kind of dropped,” says Bowker, “I was like, ‘We could do that.'”

That wasn’t posturing: As a chemist, fashion designer, and the founder of the London-based material design studio, The Unseen, Bowker is something of a high-fashion alchemist. Her color-changing leather purses and otherworldly wearable Air sculptures are a measured mix of stunning aesthetics and seriously complex science.

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Cold caps may prevent hair loss during chemotherapy

Hospital staff help a patient put on a cold cap.

What is the first thing most patients undergoing chemotherapy want to know? Oncologist Susan Melin of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina told the Associated Press that often, her patients ask first about hair loss. “It’s not, ‘Is this going to cure me?’ It’s, ‘Am I going to lose my hair?'” she said.



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Girl cuts hair to buy house

hair 2352354

It took four hours every week to wash her hair and an hour and a half to brush every day

There are certain drawbacks to having a five-foot-long mane of hair. Twelve-year-old Natasha Moraes de Andrade of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was proud of her hair, but it took hours to wash and comb it. Her family couldn’t turn on fans for fear of getting it caught. And riding a bicycle was out of the question. Still, getting her hair cut was a difficult decision.

‘I cried at first when I was at the hairdressers to get it cut,’ she says.

‘I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, and I was also scared I might not get the money I wanted for it…

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Castle made entirely of human hair


“I Wanted To Be A Princess” series used clumps of hair to create 3,000 bricks.

Designers have utilized human hair in an incredible range of applications from sunglasses to dresses, product packaging and even woven mats that keeps weeds from growing in lawns.  Artists like Agustina Woodgate have also taken note.  She has transformed strands from countless heads into a hair bricks that she uses to construct gigantic castles. (Pics)


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‘Hair Glasses’: Eyeglasses made of human hair

hair glasses

Made from hair and bioresin, the resulting frames are 100 percent biodegradable.

Human hair has been turned into sustainalbe eyewear by two Royal College of Art students, Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves.  Petroleum-based plastic or energy-intensive wire frames are a necessary evil for those who are not blessed with 20/20 vision.  “Hair glasses,” however, tap into a readily available and renewable resource: the millions of pounds of hair cuttings that salons across the United Kingdom throw away each year.


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Scientists discover protein to restore grey hair to it’s original color

grey hair

The discovery raises the prospects of drugs, lotions or shampoos that raise levels of wnt – and restore white or grey hair to its natural color.

Scientists have got to the root of grey hair – paving the way for locks that retain the luster of their youth well into old age.


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Fishermen’s Hackles Become Latest Fashion Trend

hair fashion

Hackles — the long, skinny rooster feathers fishermen use to make lures are the latest trend in hair extensions.

Jim Bernstein, a flly shop manager,  was warned that hair stylists would come banging on his door.  But he didn’t listen.  Less than 24 hours later, a woman walked into the Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop in Maine and made a beeline toward a display of hackles — the long, skinny rooster feathers fishermen use to make lures.


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Scientists Accidently Discover Chemical Compound That Causes Hair Regrowth


Hair regrowth in mice.

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Veterans Administration (VA) did discover a chemical compound that caused hair regrowth in mice with alopecia, but they were testing the compound on the mouse digestive system.


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Princess Diana’s Hair Made Into Jam

dianas Occult_Jam
Would you eat jam made with Princess Diana’s hair?
Jam made with Princess Diana’s hair has sparked a storm after going on sale at an exhibition. The milk preserve contains a speck of her locks – bought from a dealer on online auction site eBay – which has been soaked in gin. It sold out at a surrealist show at London’s Barbican and could soon be on supermarket shelves after attracting the attention of top retailers.

But it should also come as no surprise that  the jam has angered Diana supporters…