Laser combs? Old news. The latest in laser-based hair rejuvenation is the iGrow, a stylish new wearable device from Apira Science that packs 21 laser diodes and 30 LED lights.  (Pics)


According to the company, that matches the output of most clinical hair lasers, and it should result in “thicker, fuller and healthier” hair in just a “few short months.” But that’s not all. The iGrow also includes a remote that has been programmed for both men and women, and it has a built-in set of headphones that you can use with your own iPod or MP3 player — we can’t imagine why you’d ever want to take it off. Sure, it costs $695, but Apira is so confident in its miracle helmet that it’s offering a six-month money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose… but your hair.




Via Engadget