3D printed hands turn kids into superheroes


Prosthetic Wolverine claws

Prosthetic hands are great. But when you’re designing and building them for children, as Arron Brown does, prosthetic Wolverine claws are even better. Brown, a 3D printing enthusiast in Grand Rapids, Michigan, volunteers for a global organization called Enabling the Future, which designs and prints prosthetic fingers and hands for people in need. (Video)



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Grippity Keyboard

Grippity Keyboard 

 The Grippity

The Grippity is a crazy-looking device that’s designed to completely change the way you type. You hold it in your hands and type from the back, as you’re able to see through the keyboard to your fingers behind it. There are controls for your thumbs up top as well, allowing you to fully control a computer using a grip reminiscent of a video game controller.

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Women Lead Men in Bacteria


Women More Dirty Than Men

Wash your hands, folks, especially you ladies. A new study found that women have a greater variety of bacteria on their hands than men do. And everybody has more types of bacteria than the researchers expected to find.

“One thing that really is astonishing is the variability between individuals, and also between hands on the same individual,” said University of Colorado biochemistry assistant professor Rob Knight, a co-author of the paper.

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Wash Your Hands And Live



Washing Your Hands Can Save Your Life

The simple act of washing hands could save thousands of children’s lives every day, mostly in Asia and Africa, the United Nations said on Tuesday, the eve of the first Global Hand-Washing Day.

An estimated 5000 children die daily from diarrhoea, but half of those deaths could be prevented if they washed their hands with soap before meals and after going to the toilet, UNICEF spokesperson Veronique Taveau said.

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SnapBagger – An Innovative Way to Bag Leaves And Debris

SnapBagger - An Innovative Way to Bag Leaves And Debris

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Raking debris is easy. It’s the bagging that is hard and messy!  The SnapBagger’s patented tool makes bag attachment quick and secure.  Its unique design allows the tool to be used in a dynamic fashion – Shoveling, Scooping, or Scraping – while minimizing bending, twisting and directly touching debris.

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Bionic Hands With Gel-filled Fingertips Give Greater Sensitivity

Bionic Hands May Help Person “Feel” Objects 

 Bionic Hand With Gel-filled Fingertips

If things go well, prostheses may soon help a person “feel” too. Bionic hands with gelled fingertips may be the answer to provide the wearer with a sense of touch and sensitivity. This may even help them instinctively hold objects, because humans have a built-in reflex that responds to vibrations. The top part of the bionic hands are now going to consist of a rubber skin filled with thick silicon gel. If an object should slip, the elastic skin transmits the vibrations through the gel to acoustic sensors, which provide instant feedback, and the motors can tighten their grip. Also, the finger’s bone is covered with electrodes, which change the electric conduction according to the pressure that helps the user to feel.

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FingerFood Solves The Cocktail Party Problem

FingerFood Solves The Cocktail Party Problem

FingerFood By designer Ken Goldman 

Take one look at this idea and you know it’s a good one. You’ve been there: you’re at a cocktail party, hungry enough to eat a horse, but you don’t have enough hands to hold your drink, a heaping plate of tasty vittles and a fork, and still be able to shake hands with everyone as you work the room.

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