News flash:It’s about the skill set, not the suit or the degree


High School failed me. As a high school dropout, I knew I was taking a risk by rejecting the ‘normal route’ and knew I always wanted to be in the business world. During one assignment in my computer class, I did not show up in a suit and tie for the presentation. The teacher docked me for not ‘dressing proper’, which I found puzzling. After all, this class was about desktop publishing – why should this be an issue? It should be about the substance of my work and not some preconceived, superficial notion about how I looked. For me, it has always been about the substance and not the suit.

The good news is that federal aid for colleges has reached its high-water mark. The bad news is that millions of young adults feel they have no choice but to enroll in a four-year University, something that brings with it an inordinate amount of debt for many students.

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HBX – Harvard Business School launching online learning initiative

Harvard Business School

The hallowed halls of Harvard Business School are about to open up to the world virtually. The elite institution is reportedly working on an online learning initiative, called HBX, that would mark its first foray into the world of massive open online classes (MOOCs).

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