New Weedkiller may be causing mass tree deaths in U.S.


White pine trees, a species under assault by Imprelis.

Unruly herbicides are making headlines again: A couple weeks ago, it was the fact that the world’s top-selling weedkiller was causing birth defects. This time, it looks like the brand new herbicide Imprelis, manufactured by the chemical giant DuPont and okayed for use by the EPA, is causing mass tree deaths in a number of vulnerable species across the US…

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Weed Killer Affects Frogs Sexually

Red_Eyed_Tree_Frogs 3421
Messed Up Frogs
The widely used weed killer atrazine affects the sexual development of frogs, raising questions about the effects of its use in the environment, the University of Ottawa said on Thursday.

A study by researchers at the university found that at low levels comparable to those measured in the Canadian environment, fewer tadpoles reached the froglet stage and the ratio of females to males increased.

“Atrazine is one of the top-selling herbicides used worldwide and was designed to inhibit weed growth in cornfields,” the university said in a statement.

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