Designing homes that appeal to Millenials

  apartment effect

Millennials are more accustomed to an apartment lifestyle than previous generations, spending time in rented properties before making the decision to own a home of their own. In fact, young adults are buying homes an average of five years later in life than they did a decade ago. As a result, their idea of a dream home is different than it was for those purchasing homes before them.

Tapping into the kind of layout and design that appeals to a young homebuyer is a measure of success for architects, builders and developers that want to cater to the current market. Considering the number of young people relocating from an apartment, it’s critical to design a home they’re comfortable in and that gives them a setting they’re familiar with. By pulling elements from multi-family designs and studying ways to apply them to duplexes, townhomes and even single-family houses, the apartment effect can become part of the design and provide young homebuyers with the lifestyle they’re seeking in smaller, more attainably priced homes.

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