Where the jobs of the future are and how to land one

jobs of the future

The fastest growing jobs are in user experience design, iOS and Android development, and business intelligence.

Designer, developer, and data scientist are some of the jobs that are predicted to be in-demand jobs in the coming year. How to land one of those jobs may not be the way you think.


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Does internship compensation pay?

Internship compensation – does it pay?

Unpaid internships are a hot topic right now in light of the recent slew of compensation-based class action lawsuits. And with only 36.9% of companies still offering interns less that minimum wage or no compensation at all, it’s clear that relying upon unpaid interns is more damaging than many employers assume. (Infographic)

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The Thing About ‘Free’

 Seth Godin on the topic of FREE

Seth Godin:   I posted an internship yesterday. The idea was to combine the “you pay to come” model of summer camp with the “we pay you to do low level work” of an internship to create a learning experience for students that was, split the difference, free. I felt like a free program would represent a combination of our effort and the interns.

Free, though, is not the average of paid and paid for. Free is something entirely different.

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