Countdown to the Big Event – The DaVinci Inventor Showcase on November 5th

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Deadline for Exhibiting at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase is Friday, Oct 28th

It all starts with an epiphany. Every invention begins with a single “eureka moment” or some “brilliant revelation” that causes the inventor to take action.

These epiphanies become the idea seeds planted by inventors around the world. But we can only wish the process was as simple as adding water and fertilizer and waiting for the ideas to spring to life.

Inventions are not just patents to be hung on a wall. They are the starting point for a new business enterprise. So, not only does the inventor have to figure out how to create a working product or device, they also have to drive it forward, creating a business model that will enable it to survive. And that’s where the DaVinci Institute comes in.

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DaVinci Institute Annouces Awards at DaVinci Inventor Showcase

davinci inventor showcase

Several winners were announced as top inventors for 2010

The DaVinci Institute, a futurist think tank and host of the 6th annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase announced the award winners at the event held November 13th at the Rotors of the Rockies in Broomfield, Colorado. Winners in the five categories accepted their honors as the evening came to a close.  The DaVinci Institute also extended its thanks to Colorado and surrounding states for participating in this year’s event. Seventy celebrity judges from venture capital, the media, high profile businesses and academia selected the award winners based on their innovation and value of their creations to society.


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Priceline Founder, Jay Walker to Speak at Colorado Inventor Showcase

Colorado Inventor Showcase – 2008
Produced by the DaVinci Institute along with
some of the finest inventors in the world

This year’s event will mark the 4th annual Colorado Inventor Showcase. Each year the Showcase attracts some of the nation’s finest inventors and their incredibly clever inventions. Inventions are judged by a cast of over 50 celebrity judges, and will be on display throughout the afternoon and evening for all attendees.

Featured Speaker Jay S. Walker, Founder of Jay Walker is chairman of Walker Digital, a private R&D laboratory based in Stamford, CT. He founded the lab in 1994 with the guiding vision that new consumer applications for large-scale networks represent the key growth opportunity for many industries. Walker holds around 250 U.S. patents. In total, Walker Digital has invented about 1,000 applications for the Internet, cell phones, credit-card networks, and casino networks, as well as vending machines and lottery and retail networks. The company employs teams of inventors, engineers, designers, and attorneys. Typically, it partners with Fortune 500 firms to bring its inventions to market. Walker is best known as the founder of He also founded Synapse, which became the world’s largest seller of magazine subscriptions and is now a unit of Time Warner.

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Sandra Day O’Connor Launches Supreme Court Video Game

 Sandra Day O’Connor Launches Supreme Court Video Game

On page 427 O’Connor finally realized the Supreme Court was part of the Matrix

America’s first female Supreme Court justice unveiled a videogame project on Wednesday to teach children how courts work, saying she wanted to counter partisan criticism that judges are “godless” activists.

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