ARmKeypad – Augmented reality device turns your arm into a keyboard


NEC, a Japanese electronics maker, has unveiled a unique input mechanism that allows you to type on your arm using augmented reality. The system is called the ARmKeypad and it combines a set of glasses to visualize the virtual keyboard and a smartwatch to detect how fast you type. (Video)

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Keyboard Flip-Flops

keyboard flip flops

Keyboard Flip-Flops

The Thailand shoe company, Kito, has designed the Keyboard Flip-Flops which quite literally put computer keyboards on your feet. Of course the keyboards don’t actually work, but they’re realistic enough to give onlookers a reason to take a second glance. Will you potentially look really stupid to the fashion forward? Yes, quite possibly. But for a price of just $1.20 a pair, a few weird looks is worth having the most hacker-friendly feet in your neighborhood. (Video)

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Keyboard Whose Keys Are Raised In Proportion To Their Frequency Of Use


Frequency of keyboard use in graphic representation.

Mike Kneupfel, a student at NYU’s Interactive Technology Program, made a 3D model showing the keys he presses most frequently when typing, composed of raised keys on a keyboard. It’s a fun and eye-catching way of visualizing data by using the thing whose data you’re analyzing…

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