The value of being the “weird” job candidate

Don’t be afraid to be weird (you probably are) — at least you’ll be remembered.

Hedwig von Restorff, a German psychologist, made an important, though not very counterintuitive, discovery in the 1930’s: things that somehow stand out are remembered more easily than typical things. Suppose we read the following list to a group and then asked them to recall it:

apple, truck, necklace, tomato, glass, dog, rock, umbrella, butter, spoon, Lady Gaga, pillow, pencil, chocolate, desk, banana, bug, soup, milk, tie



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Airline Hopes Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Safety Demo Takes Off


 Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s music have featured in an airline safety demonstration with a difference

During a demonstration of how to use seat belts and life jackets, cabin crew on-board a Cebu Pacific Airlines flight danced to pop hits California Gurls and Just Dance. The performance was filmed by a passenger who posted the clip on video-sharing website YouTube.


Jason Mecier’s Famous Faces Junk Recreations

Lady-GaGa Mecier
Mecier’s Lady Ga Ga
Jason Mecier’s amazing 3D assemblage collages bring to life the celebrities of today, and of yesteryear — in recycled junk! Jason Mecier’s 3D mosaics don’t just illustrate celebrities in recycled junk — incredibly, many of them are actually made from items donated by the celebrities themselves.