Chinese electric buses roll out across Latin America


Cities across Latin America are cleaning their transport networks with Chinese electric buses – some quicker than others

If 2019 was a watershed year for Chinese electric buses in Latin America, in 2020 they became mainstream.

Latin American countries are moving towards cleaner public transport in their most populated cities. In the process, they have overcome existing entry barriers to the widespread rollout of the technology – driven globally by China – including scarcities of national financing models, charging points and trained personnel.

Manufacturers of Chinese electric buses stand out as the largest providers to the region. Adalberto Maluf, president of the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles and marketing director of Chinese maker BYD, said: “BYD sold 1045 buses last year in Latin America. This shows that the market is growing. It is not the size of the European market, or the US, but it’s already very close.”

In total, Latin America has 1229 electric buses in operation in 10 countries, including 563 ordinary buses, 624 trolleybuses and 41 midi e-buses, according to the new E-Bus Radar project led by the Sustainable Mobility Laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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26,121 people missing during Mexico’s Calderon era

People in Mexico City show pictures of missing women.

During the six years of Mexico’s former President Felipe Calderon’s administration the number of people who went missing stands at 26,121 according to government officials.  That figure ranks as among the worst episodes of “disappearances” in Latin American history.




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Latin Americans are happiest people in the world

Happiest people live in Latin American countries.

Qatar is the richest county in the world but the world’s happiest people don’t live there.  They don’t live in Japan either, the country with the highest life expectancy.  With a chart-topping percentage of college graduates in Canada, they didn’t make the top 10 of the happiest people in the world either.




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