What we don’t understand about the speed of light


The laws of light speed still apply.

Last June, researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology published the results of an experiment that proved that light does not move faster than light—specifically, that single photons can’t move faster than the official speed of light under certain conditions.
Today, Skulls in the Stars—the nom de Internet of a UNC Charlotte physics professor—hasa really great blog post up about this paper. It’s very much worth a read. After all, this was basically a test to double check something we were already pretty sure was true. And what’s the benefit to proving something you already knew?

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Project Icarus: Starship Probe to Explore New Worlds


Project Icarus

Never mind going to the moon, Mars or asteroids — let’s send a probe out of the Solar System, to an Earth-like planet orbiting another star. That’s the idea behind Project Icarus, dreamed up by the British Interplanetary Society and the Tau Zero Foundation. They’d like to send a probe traveling at 12% lightspeed, reaching another solar system such as Bernard’s Star, six light years away, in about 50 years.


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See, Speak, and Hear With LightSpeed Binoculars


LightSpeed Binoculars

Boy howdy, these LightSpeed Binoculars by Torrey Pines Logic seem to be able to do anything. They act as binoculars, but also as short-range communication devices for sharing information covertly. Using infrared LEDs, two people looking at one another through a pair of LightSpeeds would also be able to talk and swap video data, thanks to embedded USB and Ethernet adapters and receivers. It’s no wonder that Torrey Pines Logic enjoys a list of military clients including US and foreign special forces teams as the transmitted information is untappable and tamper-proof.

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