Melting Islands

world of islands 1111

World of Islands as it is now.

Seems like we’ve flown too close to the sun on this one–Dubai’s ambitious World of Islands that were built as part of a luxurious resort are now eroding back into the sea from which they came. Millions of tons of sand were pumped in to form the islands to mimic the world, and as you can see no longer resemble the world so much as… suggesting it. Property assessments are grim…

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U.S. Sea Levels Could Rise Significantly Due To Greenland’s Melting Ice

U.S. Sea Levels Could Rise Significantly Due To Greenland’s Melting Ice

An iceberg is pictured in Ilulissat fjord in Greenland

New York, Boston and other cities on North America’s northeast coast could face a rise in sea level this century that would exceed forecasts for the rest of the planet if Greenland’s ice sheet keeps melting as fast as it is now, researchers said on Wednesday.

Sea levels off the northeast coast of North America could rise by 12 to 20 inches more than other coastal areas if the Greenland glacier-melt continues to accelerate at its present pace, the researchers reported.

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Non-Drip Ice Cream


 Non Drip Ice Cream, Called UFO

A Russian dairy company, MyasoMolTorg, has created a new ice cream product called UFO, which is made with the latest in stabilizer technology. Once removed from the freezer, the ice cream does not melt but rather turns into a semi-solid jelly, which makes it far les messy (unless of course you eat ice cream so quickly the melting process doesn’t have a chance).

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Polar Bear Life Vest To Save Polar Bear When Ice Melts


I Thought Polar Bears Were Fabulous Swimmers?

As the icecaps melt, polar bears are having problems. They’ve now got to swim further than they ever have to hunt for food, which can tire out the suckers long before they find an ice sheet to rest on. A Swedish design group called ADDI thinks it’s about time people did something to help the poor guys, proposing a polar bear lifejacket.

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The Slicer – All Season Sled

The Slicer - All Season Sled 

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

For snow sledding, the SLICERTM works like any normal sled that is placed on a slope that is covered with snow or ice. But to slide down grass covered slopes, just the opposite is done: instead of putting the SLICERTM on the snow or ice, ice is put on the bottom of the SLICERTM!

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