ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hits 1 billion YouTube views


Rita Ora does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

We can call this the summer of the Ice Bucket Challenge with videos of shivering people flooding social feeds around the world. And what a summer it was: we saw epic stunts, epic fails, quirky twists and a whole lot of celebrities. We learned a lot about the strange connections between famous people (Bill Gates knows Ryan Seacrest?). The IBC craze even resulted in a couple of marriage proposals. And it’s all in the name of charity: Since July 29, 2014 the ALS Foundation reported more than $115 million in Ice Bucket Challenge donations.


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Top 10 most memorable Chinese Internet Memes of 2012

The “Free CGC” ad went viral on the Chinese Internet.

Chinese social media has become a prominent source keeping people updated about what’s happening in China with over 400 million Weibo (China;s twitter) users.. Here are China’s 10 most memorable Internet memes of 2012. They cover scandal, celebrity, humour and buzzwords.



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Facedown Photos

facedown 231123

Here’s an easy trend to copy.

Taking photos of people lying facedown on the ground in public is an emerging Internet meme. Facedowns is a photoblog of such pictures. The goal of the bloggers behind it, Lynn and Michael Chealander and Amy Mihyang, is to get facedown photos of people in many different countries around the world. Above is one of Lynn Chealander’s photos of a facedown from the South Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone.

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