USB Powered Jedi Master

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Buying me you feel now like doing !

It seems like Star Wars merchandise never seems to get old, and Yoda is always a popular figure. Next, Tokyo-based Cube Works has announced a mini Yoda figure, which you can plug into your computer. You’ll be able to control the light on the lightsaber as well as Yoda’s cheeks via software installed on your computer. The site does not mention…

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The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail

Futurist Thomas Frey – Imagine yourself walking through a shop, wanting to know more information on a particular product. You pull out your phone, point it at the product and click a button, instantly revealing a page with product information, links to product reviews, and places to purchase it online. Pressing another button you are given options for purchasing it online and having it delivered to your home. Since you are already in a retail store, you could purchase it there if the price differential isn’t too great.

But the shopping experience isn’t necessarily confined to a store. If a person walks by on the street and you just happen to like the jacket they are wearing, just aim your phone, point and click. You can see the same jacket displayed on your screen in a variety of colors and styles, with your ability to complete the purchase transaction only a click or two away.

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Women Losing Enthusiam for Shopping

Women Losing Enthusiam for Shopping

 Hmmm, perhaps all of their closets have finally filled up

A “Frank About Women” online survey found that US women are losing enthusiam for shopping and are spending less.

Few women—just 15% of those surveyed—said they found inspiration and ideas when shopping in a store. Only 16% said shopping provided an escape from the world and 12% said store environments stimulated their senses.

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