The Unintended Casualties of the War on Drugs

nursing home

A nurse makes her morning rounds distributing medication to patients.

Roland Lorenz has surgical screws in his back and neck and a pin in his upper leg, and when his pain reared up one recent weekend, he knew he needed something strong. He had just been to a pain clinic, where the doctor ordered an increase in his dosage of Percocet, a narcotic.


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Fatty Foods May Have a Drug-Like Effect on Your Brain


Do you need a ‘fix’?

Telling your friends that you’re “addicted” to, say, waffle fries may feel a bit less funny after reading the latest research on high-calorie foods. The way they turbo-boost, and then let crash, your brain’s pleasure centers is a bit like narcotics.

The study, out of the Scripps Research Institute, in Jupiter, FL, found that the neuro-chemistry leading to compulsive overeating can resemble that of a brain that’s been stimulated by drugs—at least in studying rats—according to one of the published study’s authors.

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