Amazing Photos Discovered of Post-War Berlin


Red Army photographer Yevgeny Khaldei captured this photo of a typical Berlin intersection in May 1945. A female Soviet soldier is controlling traffic as a German mother crosses the street.

Decades forgotten trove of post-war photographs from 1945 has recently been unearthed. The snapshots illustrate the devastation of the German capital and capture the desperation of the city in the weeks after the end of World War II. They also show glimpses of Berlin’s resilience.


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Washington DC Bans Anyone From Carrying More Than One Condom

condom crazy 658
Oh no! I have way too many condoms. Can you help me get rid of some?
In Washington DC, anyone carrying more than one condom on their person in any area police have declared a “prostitution free zone” is considered to be a prostitute. That’s right, kids, if you’re packing a spare in case one breaks, you are a hooker. Best idea might be to wear a condom at all times…

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Nazi Supercows


Holy Cow!!

CATTLE bred by Nazi geneticists can be spotted in Britain for the first time, peacefully wandering around a farm in the Westcountry.

Before the Second World War, Adolf Hitler recruited zoologist brothers Heinz and Lutz Heck to breed back into life the mighty aurochs.

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