19 astonishing quotes about the Internet of Things everyone should read


Seems like everybody is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT)—the good, the bad and the alarming along the lines of. “It’s the beginning of machines taking over the world.” The IoT is when everyday products such as refrigerators, watches, speakers and more connect to the internet and to one another. The Internet of Things is already transforming our homes and workplaces.

So, what are some of the world’s brightest minds, most notable figures or just everyday people saying about the Internet of Things (IoT)? Here’s a sampling of what’s been written or talked about when it comes to the Internet of Things.

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The mystery surrounding the ‘interceptor’ cell towers deepens


A map of the interceptors discovered so far.

In the U.S., mysterious “interceptor” cell towers are grabbing phone calls — but they’re not part of the phone networks. And, two experts said the towers don’t appear to be projects of the National Security Agency (NSA).



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What the consumer will look like in 2030

self serve

The future consumer is a self-sustaining prosumer, a savvy maker/consumer empowered by their network and data.

Futurists help us envision what the far future will look like. Futurist Jeremy Rifkin’s recent book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet Of Things, The Collaborative Commons, And The Eclipse of Capitalism, is a robust 300-page work that crystallizes his thinking about the maturation of the sharing economy and the emergence of new Internets to manage energy and the transports-logistics infrastructure.



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Holiday travelers beware – 89% of public Wi-Fi connections are not safe

84 percent of travelers aren’t properly protecting themselves from public WiFi threats.

The holiday season is the time of year we travel. It’s when people buckle up on planes and trains across the world, relishing the relatively recent wide-spread availability of public WiFi. (Infographic)



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Creating Spectrum for the Internet of Things

The wireless industry is against super WIFI networks while Google and Microsoft say it would spark innovation.

On February 3, 2013, the Washington Post boldly led a front-page story last weekend with the claim: “The federal government wants to create super WiFi networks across the nation, so powerful and broad in reach that consumers could use them to make calls or surf the Internet without paying a cellphone bill every month.”




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Netflix’s plan to kill the cable industry

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Netflix is guaranteed to make the cable industry nervous with its plan to disrupt the industry. “The traditional entertainment ecosystem is built on (managed dissatisfaction), and it’s a totally artificial concept,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tells GQ’s Nancy Hass. “The point of managed dissatisfaction is waiting.”



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China tests smart-grid technology

The State Grid Corporation of China is running the smart-grid project using passive optical networking technology.

Smart-grid technology testing has begun in China hat could eventually be deployed nationwide to make the delivery of electricity more reliable and efficient. It might also serve as a way to deliver high-speed Internet, TV, and telephony to the farthest reaches of the country.




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Slime mold follows the world’s highways

yellow slime mold

A yellow slime mold’s map of the US compared to the map of major roads.

A yellow slime mold has invaded the world’s highways, spreading from capital cities to the furthest reaches of the transport network and devouring everything in its path. The infestation was unleashed by Andrew Adamatzky, a researcher of unconventional computing at the University of the West of England in Bristol, along with colleagues from universities around the globe.

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4.74 degrees of separation – the world is smaller than you thought


The average number of links from one arbitrarily selected person to another was 4.74.

Scientists at Facebook and the University of Milan are adding a new chapter to the research that cemented the phrase “six degrees of separation” into the language.  They have reported that the average number of acquaintances separating any two people in the world was not six but 4.74.


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Social media draws more viewers to live tv


Live-tweeting supports live tv viewing.

Social media is bringing dramatic changes to nearly every aspect of the TV business. Viewers are using Facebook and Twitter to comment about shows before, during and after they air. Television networks, grappling with the fragmentation of their audience, are experimenting with mobile apps, Twitter promotions and branded social networks in an effort to bring viewers back together. And a variety of other stakeholders are getting in on the social action as well.


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Demand for Mobile Data Overwhelming Cell Networks


Popularity of smartphones continues to grow on a global scale.

At the Mobile World Congress, the industry’s largest annual gathering being held here this week, the corporate visionaries of the business agreed that a challenge they all would face was managing the avalanche of demand for mobile data services fueled by the growth in smartphones.


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