Is Give2gether a Google Analytics for Philanthropy?


Non-profits can be the key to our local or global community success.

Everybody needs a little help every now and then. Give2gether is banking that non-profits want a little help from economic professors applying their years of study towards making online giving more efficient.

The site itself is similar to other philanthropy-enabling platforms like Kickstarter, Crowdrise or even Jumo. Non-profits can set up a page on give2gether and use it to share news and raise money…

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Students Create Inexpensive Water Testing Tool and Win $40,000 Prize


Students designed a way to know when water left in a plastic water bottle in the sun is safe to drink.

Disinfecting water with the sun is an old idea. But students at University of Washington have come up with a clever way of checking whether or not the water being disinfected is finally ready to drink. Using simple parts, their cheap set-up is a solution for safe drinking water in poor areas, and it won them a $40,000 prize.

Jessica Biel Launches Site to Connect Donors with Non-Profits

Jessica Biel Launches Site to Connect Donars with Non-Profits

Jessica Biel making a difference

Yesterday famed actress Jessica Biel and her father, Jon Biel, officially launched Make the Difference Network (MTDN) at Her work has caught the attention of other well-known celebrities who have joined her effort.

Unlike other efforts in the past, nonprofits can join MTDN for free and they get to keep 100 percent of all donations collected through MTDN.

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