Cybercrime Unit Introduced for 2012 Olympics

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Preparations are already underway to secure the online credentials of the 2012 Olympics, with the announcement that that Metropolitan Police is in the midst of setting up two specialist web-based teams.

In a bid to smoke out e-crime and ticketing fraud on the web, the Met will put two teams in place: one to stop hackers from getting into the Olympics’ computer systems and the other to try and combat the influx of fraudulent tickets online.

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Google Street View Snowmobile Gives a Slopes-Eye-View of Winter Olympics Resort

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First there was the Google car, which roamed the roads of Britain to build up a Street View perspective of the nation.

Then came the Google Trike, powered by super-strong employees to chart harder to reach areas such as Stone Henge.

Now the internet search giant has headed to the mountains with the Google snowmobile…

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10 Tales of Warm-Weather Winter Olympians

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Scott Allen over at Mental Floss posted a very timely piece about the warm climate countries that participate in Winter Olypics.

The Winter Olympics are traditionally dominated by athletes from countries where winter brings freezing temperatures and snow, but that hasn’t stopped a number of athletes from more tropical climates from infiltrating the ranks of the (c)old guard. From the Jamaican bobsled team to an Indian luger, here are 10 stories of warm-weather Winter Olympians, including a few who will compete in Vancouver next month.

1. The Jamaican Bobsled Team (pic above)

Perhaps the most famous of all warm-weather Winter Olympians, the Jamaican bobsled team that inspired the 1993 film Cool Runnings made its debut in Calgary in 1988. Republican politician George Fitch, a former U.S. government attaché in Kingston who is currently serving as the mayor of Warrenton, Va., founded the original team…

Urban Youth Retail Future

Urban Youth Retail Future 

Companies constantly try to woo urban youth, a segment admired by marketers for its substantial disposable income and trend setting tendencies. So given all this, when a raw concept like a youth centric store that’s likely to be developed by Columbus Ohio based Chute Gerderman, its bound to create some hype! The concept named ‘UnionJac’ inspired from the British culture is a clothing, salon, cafe and hangout joint, all merged with interactive technology to make it more appealing for the shoppers.

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How To Detect Olympic Cheats

How To Detect Olympic Cheats 

Athletes using performance-enhancing drugs can’t stay ahead of detection methods for very long.

Athletes aren’t the only ones racing against the clock this week in Beijing. A team of skilled scientists is working 24 hours a day at a drug-testing lab in Beijing’s Olympic Sports Center, analyzing approximately 4,500 blood and urine samples for banned substances. Their work is part of an ever-evolving arms race between scientists and sports cheats who try to stay one step ahead of the latest detection methods.

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China Digitally Fakes 2008 Olympics Fireworks


According to the Beijing Times, 55 seconds of the televised Olympics 2008 firework display? Completely fake:

Anyone who saw the opening to the Bejing Olympics would agree that the fireworks display was exceptional, but those watching at home were tricked into thinking what they saw was real, when some of it was actually CGI.

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