End of week surgery ‘has higher death risk’

The first 48 hours following a procedure is most critical.

Researchers have found that people who have surgery towards the end of the week are more likely to die than those who have procedures earlier on. A British Medical Journal report into non-emergency operations in England, suggests the overall risk of death from such planned procedures remains low. But it also shows “unacceptable” variation in survival rates through the week, a leading body of UK surgeons says.



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Clear Card Ceases Operations

 Clear Card Ceases Operations

Steve Brill’s Clear Card closes operations

The company which aimed to help registered users pass through airport security more quickly and with less hassle, will fold operations as of 2 a.m. on Tuesday.  The New York-based Verified Identity Pass, Inc. is the company which operates Registered Traveler programs under the brand name Clear.

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Webcasting Surgeries To Promote Hospitals To Prospective Patients

Webcasting Surgeries To Promote Hospitals To Prospective Patients 

Webcast surgeries promoted with infomercials and advertisements

The point of Shila Renee Mullins’s brain surgery was to remove a malignant tumor threatening to paralyze her left side. But Methodist University Hospital in Memphis also saw an opportunity to promote the hospital to prospective patients.

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