‘Cord Frayers’ cut back on cable TV but up digital video viewing

Almost half of all US internet users stream TV content through an internet-connected device.

Marketers are familiar with cord cutters—consumers who have traded in their cable TV packages for internet-steamed TV and video content but they should also be aware of “cord frayers.” Cord frayers make up a segment of consumers who have downgraded their cable TV packages instead of cutting the cord completely. Not surprisingly, doing so has affected cord frayers’ TV and online video viewing behavior.



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Pay-Per-View Service At Crematorium


A new “pay-per-view funerals” service will enable bereaved friends and relatives to watch proceedings on their computer screens if they cannot pay their respects in person.

Critics believe the webcasting of ceremonies from a suburban crematorium in the UK to the world is macabre. But from today, Southampton crematorium will begin the £75-per-family service.

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