Zimbabwean Farmer Shocked As Cow Gives Birth To A Pig


Could it be…. Satan?

A Zimbabwean farmer was left stunned when his cow gave birth to a piglet. The farmer, Mr Tinos Mberi of Chatsworth in Masvingo eastern highlands of the country said he could not believe his eyes when he saw the strange animal. He said it was impossible for a pig to mate with a cow.

“The whole body and size was that of a piglet. The nose and mouth was like that of a pig, except that it did not have a hairy body,” said Mr Mberi. He said it was difficult to attribute the strange occurrence to anything other than witchcraft…

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Paving Roads With Pig Manure

pig-teeth 22
Creating New Uses For Excrement
A stretch of interstate highway near St. Louis, Missouri is now paved with asphalt made from pig manure:

“Whew!” gasped a worker with Pace Construction Co., the St. Louis County road contractor that joined forces with Innoventor, the Earth City-based engineering and design firm that perfected the process of converting the animal waste into a bio-oil used in asphalt binder.

To others, the air swelled with the sweet smell of potential for new manufacturing opportunities, jobs and, possibly, profits. How big is that potential? Nobody knows yet.

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10% Of China Restaurant Meals Use ‘Oil’ From Drains And Gutters


Oil Swill Is Not Good Food!

A recent student investigation in Wuhan, China, led by tireless food crusader Professor He Dongping has revealed 2-3 million tons of ‘swill oil’ makes its way back into rice boxes and meals each year. It is usually sold as pig feed.

And we’re not talking recycled cooking oil (as in the proper way), but stuff from the country’s drains and gutters treated to look like edible cooking oil in a lucrative night-time operation.
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Machine Keeps Heart Beating Outside of Body


Who needs a body these days anyway?


Researchers at the North Carolina State University has developed a machine that can keep a heart beating outside the body. The potential medical benefit is huge, though for whatever reason I kept on thinking about Dr. Frankenstein:

“Researchers can obtain pig hearts from a pork processing facility and use the system to test their prototypes or practice new surgical procedures,” says Andrew Richards, a Ph. D. student in mechanical engineering at NC State who designed the heart machine.

The computer-controlled machine, which operates using pressurized saline solution, also allows researchers to film the interior workings of the pumping heart – enabling them to ascertain exactly which surgical technologies and techniques perform best for repairing heart valves.

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