10 Ways the Next 10 Years will be Awesome!


It’s hard to wait for the future to get here and give us all the amazing things we’ve dreamed up in our countless sci-fi books and movies (I’m still waiting for the hover-boards Back to the Future promised me). Though much of what we’ve seen on the big screen is still decades or millennia away… or straight up impossible by our current understanding of the universe, there are several sci-fi level technological and scientific advances we’re likely to see in just the next decade.

Blogger Jordan Lejuwaan over at High Existence has compiled a list of ten such advances to look forward to in the not-to-distant future:

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Most popular music scenes in America

Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts performs.

Over the past twenty years the geography of popular music has changed considerably. The internet and social media have obviously played a large role. While industries like automobiles or steel still cluster around resources, cheap labor and transportation routes, or high-tech companies cluster around skilled labor and universities, the forever altered music industry now has fewer physical reasons to cluster — musicians no longer need to be near any particular resource to record and distribute their work anymore. And yet, they clearly still do cluster, just perhaps for slightly different reasons.



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Being popular in school leads to earning more later in life


Popularity pays because those who learn to play the game in high school are figuring out what they need to know to succeed when they enter the workplace.

According to a new study released this week, those in the top fifth of the high school popularity pyramid garnered a 10% wage premium nearly 40 years after graduation, compared to those in the bottom fifth.



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Ruby on Rails popularity index 2012

ruby on rails logo

Are you using Ruby on Rails yet?

Ruby on Rails has taken the web development world by storm since its first full release in 2005. Yet with new web platforms arriving each day, usage share of frameworks has become quite fragmented. So in this post, I compiled the latest trends and figures of Ruby on Rails from different sources, as well as some stats of the Ruby language.

In a recent survey of Bestvendor.com, Ruby on Rails remains to be the preferred framework of choice among startups. But, how popular really is Ruby on Rails?

After the jump is an infographic created to show how far Ruby on Rails has gotten since its release in 2005…

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Fear Dictates What Music Teenagers Listen To

listen_music 532

Listening in Fear?

It’s no secret that peer pressure influences many teenagers’ lives.

But a new study has found that adolescents choose to listen to music that has been approved of by their peers rather than because they like it.

The study looked at teenagers listening to music on social networking sites such as MySpace, where a song’s popularity can be gauged by how many times it has been downloaded.

The results suggest that if their musical choices do not match those of others, their brains recoil in fear.

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Online News Now More Popular Than Print In US


A new survey reveals that more people read their news online in America than in a printed newspaper, although local and national TV is still the primary source of news for most.

Online news is now the third most-popular form of news according to new reports from the Pew Research Center for people and the press.

“News awareness is becoming an anytime, anywhere, any device activity for those who want to stay informed,” said the new report.

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On The High School Popularity Scale, Being In The Middle Has Rewards

On The High School Popularity Scale, Being In The Middle Has Rewards 

The cult of popularity that reigns in high school can look quaint from a safe distance, like your 20th reunion. By then the social order may have turned over like an hourglass: teenagers who were socially invisible have emerged as colorful characters, confident, transformed. Others seem preserved in time, same as ever, while some former princes and queen bees are diminished or simply absent, now invisible themselves.

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Boom in Pre-Washed Salads ‘Will Bring More Poisonings’

 Boom in Pre-Washed Salads ‘Will Bring More Poisonings’

Just when you thought you were eating healthier…

The growing popularity of pre-packed salads is likely to lead to an increase in food-poisoning cases, scientists warned today. They also said that while scientists have a role to play in protecting food from contamination, consumers should be aware of the risks.

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