Was the Slingjaw Wrasse the Inspiration for Ridley Scott’s Alien?


Rare footage of a slingjaw wrasse’s bizarre eating habits has become an internet hit.  Above is the YouTube footage of Epibulus insidiator, a strange predator found in tropical waters in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


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Fear of Spiders Can Develop Before Birth


Scientists figure humans may be born with a fear of spiders and snakes, healthy phobias that up the odds of survival in the wild. It’s not known how such an inborn fear might develop, however.

Now researchers have proven that unborn crickets can gain a fear of spiders based on their mother’s harrowing experiences.

Scientists put pregnant crickets into terrariums containing a wolf spider. The spiders’ fangs were covered with wax so the spiders could stalk but not kill the pregnant crickets. After the crickets laid their eggs, the researchers compared the behavior of the offspring with offspring whose mothers hadn’t been exposed to spiders.

The differences were dramatic, the scientists said.

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Botanists Discover Garden Vegetables Are Carnivorous Predators


Botanists have discovered for the first time that the plants are carnivorous predators who kill insects in order to “self-fertilise” themselves.  Garden vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes have been found to be deadly killers on a par with Venus fly traps, according to research.


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World’s Most Endangered Parrot Population Increasing


Kakapo parrot

Just under 100 of New Zealand’s most endangered parrot, the kakapo remain but hopefully that number will increase thanks to the 26 hand-reared chicks that are returning to New Zealand. The baby chicks will spend six more weeks on a predator free island, Codfish Island living in an outdoor pen before returning to their natural habitat.


Predator X: The Fiercest Dinosaur Yet


Image: Atlantic Productions

If you think that Tyrannosaurus rex was the fiercest dinosaur ever, think again: a team of paleontologists from the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo and other universities found a 50-foot marine reptile dubbed “Predator X” that made T. rex looked like a puppy:

The 147-million-year old monster was 15 metres long, had 30-centimetre-long teeth and had a bite pressure 10 times greater than any animal alive today, said Jørn Hurum, who led the team that uncovered the fossil.

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