An illustrated history of wearable technology


What is wearable technology? Who invented wearable technology? What is the future of wearable technology? These are just a few questions that are asked every day about wearable tecnhnology.. “Wearable technology” makes most people imagine a fitness tracker, a smartwatch or google glasses.


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How our brains put the present in the past by rewriting our memories


Our brains edit our memories with new information by updating our past memories.

Try thinking about your fifth birthday when your mom was carrying the cake. Can you remember what her face looked like? You are not alone if you have a hard time imagining the way she looked then rather than how she looks now.



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The end of the future and the rise of the present


Douglas Rushkoff is a “presentist,” not a futurist.  Rushkoff explains in the video that it means that he no longer is concerned with the future, because the future is merely a construct of a certain, linear way of viewing time. He argues, that the model in his book Present Shock, is no longer operable in a digital age when everything–emails, tweets, TV shows, finance–happens instantly.


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The Jedi Mind Control Game


My Mind Is Stronger Than Your Mind!

This is the Star Wars Jedi game that requires you to bring to bear all of your latent telekinetic powers of the Force in order to keep a ball levitating. Similar to EEG technology that reads the alpha and beta waves created by your brain, the game comes with a headset equipped with forehead and ear sensors that translate your brain’s energy into a wireless signal that is sent to the game’s base station. The station has a tube with a ball inside (resembling the Jedi training remote Luke Skywalker used on the Millennium Falcon) that is kept levitating by a flow of air; your steady concentration adjusts the air fan’s speed, causing the ball to rise and fall…

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