Average consumer would pay $5 for an app that respects their privacy: Study

Consumers would pay for privacy.

The going rate for many of the most popular apps has been exactly $0.00 ever since the iPhone came out in 2007. Consumers pay nothing. But of course, nothing is free. Instead, consumers pay with their data, that’s sold to marketers, or with screenspace, which is forked over to make room for ads. It’s a trade consumers are happy to make.



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Reinventing Sales Tax


Sales tax is a a system that is now on the verge of collapse

Futurist Thomas Frey:  As a general rule, extreme levels of complexity take a significant toll on society. The price we pay for complexity is far greater than the money involved. With upwards of 90,000 separate taxing districts in the U.S. sales tax has become an overly complicated system deeply entrenched in the fabric of society, but woefully out of touch with the times.


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