Reclaiming Oil Rigs


Does the smell of spent oil make you feel relaxed?

“Here’s an innovative reuse for those old abandoned oil rigs littering the ocean – convert them into eco resorts. Morris Architects’ Oil Rig Platform Resort and Spa makes use of one of 4,000 oil rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico and transforms it into a beacon of sustainability, re-imagining an iconic source of dirty energy as an eco-haven that generates all of its power from renewable sources.”


Pedispa – Multifunction Massage Chair



The last thing I would want in my living room is another family member stewing their bare feet in a bowl of warm water, but that’s the idea behind the Red Pedispa from T4. Still, combining a multifunction massage chair with a foot spa does sound like a pretty decadent way to relax after a hard day pounding the pavement.

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Hydropolis – Underwater Hotel

Hydropolis - Underwater Hotel 


No I’m not talking about a boring trip to the Aquarium or an episode of the Sopranos. No what I am referring to … is literally “sleeping with the fishes”. When one thinks about the future of travel, one might conjure up gaining passage on a rocket ship into space, the final frontier. Or that the honeymoons of the 21st century might actually entail a trip to the moon! Yes, yes… in all due course… I am sure that eventuality will happen. But what about exhausting the many unique features of terra firma before we actually decide to leave the planet? What about exploring the deep blue seas?

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Lights, Sound, Thermal Therapy!

Thermal Sound Spa

STOP by several of Europe’s thermal spa clinics and you will think you have dropped into a waiting room in purgatory. Sterile and dull hospital-like interiors are usually scattered with pale, slipper-clad clientele who look like they have not had much fun since celebrating the end of World War II.

At the Toskana Therme, however, at the tiny eastern German town of Bad Sulza near Weimar, trance dance workshops are in full swing, and guests of all ages travel far and wide monthly for full-moon underwater live DJ sets. The program attracts thousands of visitors a year, and now spas as far away as Miami are starting to take notice.

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