Scientists Capture the ‘Song’ of a Distant Star


Scientists have captured the ‘song’ of a distant star as part of new research that is providing insights into what lies beneath its surface.  Astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham and scientists working with Nasa have measured the changes in the brightness of light coming from the star KIC 11026764, which has been nicknamed Gemma and is about twice the size of the sun.

Invisible ‘Death Star’ Shooting Comets at Earth?


Invisible star may be shooting deadly comets towards Earth.

In what sounds like a chilling script of a Hollywood science fiction, scientists have claimed that an invisible star, five times the size of Jupiter, might be lurking near our solar system, occasionally kicking deadly comets towards the Earth.

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Authentic Star Trek Wetsuits

trek nccsurf-500x438
Scotty, we seem to be examining an underwater planet at the moment!

Whether scuba diving where no man has scuba dived before, or surfing the chilly waves, you’ll really stand out in one of these wetsuits offered at Roddenberry for an out-of-this-world price.  I think we all know which color is shark bait.

Developed exclusively for the RDT by JMJ Wetsuits, these one-piece full suits feature iconic uniform colors & rank insignias from Star Trek: The Original Series. These wetsuits are not novel gimmicks, they are the real deal, made using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship…

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New Images From The Repaired Hubble Space Telescope


A small region inside the globular cluster Omega Centauri, which has nearly 10 million stars

Astronomers unveiled new pictures and observations from the Hubble Space Telescope. With the exception of a picture last month of the bruise on Jupiter caused by a comet, they were the first data obtained with the telescope since a crew spent 13 days in orbit last May replacing, refurbishing and rebuilding its vital components.  (Pics)


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Astronomers Spot New Planet Six Times The Mass Of Jupiter

Astronomers Spot New Planet Six Times The Mass Of Jupiter

The technology allows astronomers to see planets of Jupiter’s mass in other galaxies  

Researchers from the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) claim it is the first planet to be seen outside of our galaxy.

The scientists used a new method of viewing space called microlensing. The method uses a nearer object to bend the light of a distant star when the two align with an observer.

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Every Nebula-Award-Nominated Story As A Free Podcast



StarShipSofa has, in one day, done what no other SF podcast has done before. In another unprecedented move, StarShipSofa has put out all seven Nebula Short Story 2008 nominees, all available as free audio podcasts for your listening pleasure.

The Nebulas are a very special event in the SF world and I wanted the StarShipSofa to mark this occasion by doing something unique for this year’s awards.

I wanted to put out all the stories nominated in one day so people can, straight away, have them downloaded back to back… sitting on their iPod and, for the next few hours, submerge themselves in SF stories of the very best calibre. All for free.

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