Berlin’s Hüttenpalast – Cool Camping Hotel Where Guests Sleep in Refurbished Campers



Want a great concept for a new hotel?  Just  convert an old, unused vacuum factory space into a budget boutique hotel.  And even better, use refurbished mobile campers for rooms. Berlin’s new and attractive Hüttenpalast (that’s German for “hut palace”) has done just that.  It is in the beautiful old workers’ quarter of Neukölln: allowing guests to experience the cozy camping feeling, without the bugs and in the middle of a vibrant city. But it’s not exactly  ‘roughing it’ in the solitary sense.  The caravans are beautifully remodeled.  The bathrooms are “luxurious”.   And guests can socialize with each other without the rowdiness usually associated with cheap hostels. (Pics)


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LA Man Creates Tour of Gangsta Hot Spots

gang tour photo 12312

 Former members of the 18th Street gang pose with customers
during one of the LA Gang Tours on May 8 in Los Angeles.

Tourists who visit Los Angeles often visit Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to see the footprints of the stars. Now they can also dip their toes into gangsta culture.

For the last six months, an L.A. company, LA Gang Tours, has been offering tours of the city’s hottest gang spots, including the county jail, the birthplace of the Black Panther Party and a lab where graffiti artists ply their trade.

The tours are priced at $65 and, along with seeing the sights, polo shirt-wearing tourists can also take photos with reformed gang members and ask them questions about the thug life.

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India Tightens Tourism Rules – Britain and US Protest

india temple 2423
New Rules for Travel in India
Britain and the US have lodged a diplomatic protest with India after the government in Delhi introduced rules barring tourists from returning to the country within two months of any visit.

The new visa rules, which also apply to other foreign nationals, are apparently a reaction to the arrest in the US of a Mumbai terror suspect, David Coleman Headley, who had entered India on a multiple-entry visa.

The British high commission in Delhi has urged the Indian government to rethink the policy, which is expected to hit tourists planning to use India as a base for touring the region…

Restaurant Serves Food Out Of Novelty Toilet Bowls

Modern toilet interiorModern Toilet Restaurant 

A restaurant chain where food is served up in mini toilets has proved a surprise hit in Hong Kong, a news report.  Diners with a taste for the bizarre have been flocking to the Modern Toilet restaurants in the city’s Causeway Bay and Mongkok tourist districts since they opened six months ago.

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Globe Trotting Man Visits Every Country on Earth

All Over The Planet In Seven Years! 

55-year-old Indian citizen Kashi Samaddar has completed an almost-seven year trip around the world. He has visited all 194 countries in the world, thereby setting a world record.

He spent £350,000 to visit every country on earth in the shortest time possible and thereby earnt himself a mention in the Guinness Book of Records – just don’t expect to be thrilled by his pictures.

Samaddar’s mission was inspired by trouble he had in South Africa in 2002 over his Indian passport. Samaddar then vowed to visit every country in the world to show it could be done!

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Finnair – Future Of Flying In 2093

Finnair - Future Of Flying In 2093 

While we are pretty busy talking about space tourism and flying cars, Finnair, which is celebrating its 85th birthday, is envisioning the future of flying. What might flying be like then in 85 years? I have no idea, but the ingenious folks at Finnair seem to have an answer to the question. They have conceptualized five future aircrafts for the year 2093, which boast streamlined exteriors and entertainment-rich interiors. The best part is that all the aircrafts are eco-friendly and materials used in the making are 100 percent recyclable. Let’s take a quick look at the conceptualized aircrafts of 2093.

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Glass Igloos

glass igloo hotel

Staying above the Arctic Circle seems, well, cold. But up in the far north of Scandinavia, Lapland to be precise, cold-looking accommodations have become a hit. Ice hotels have recently gained popularity, scattered across the wintry north and boasting everything from a bar to beds made out of ice. For those travelers who want just a little more warmth, but don’t want to skimp on the Lapland ambiance, there are glass igloos.

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