More Young, Unmarried Couples Choosing to Live Together in Urban India


Swati Chauhan, 24, and boyfriend Sanjay Austa, 34 in their New Delhi apartment.

About three years ago, Arushi Singh and her boyfriend began looking for an apartment to rent together. They found the perfect place, with a balcony and big lawn, in a posh area of India’s capital.  But when they went to sign the lease, the landlady demanded to know whether they were married.


Study: Married Couples Twice as Likely to Become Fat


The study found that married people ‘let themselves go’.

Greek researchers found that married couples were more likely to become fat due to their significantly changed lifestyle as they “let themselves go”.  The research, based on the study of more than 17,000 couples aged between 20 and 70, found that married couples exercised less frequently, had less sex, had poor nutrition and were “comfortable” in their lives.


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